Maintenance Surveys

Using a drone for survey and inspection work has many benefits - it helps to capture data quickly, safely and in a more cost effective way.  With the ability to capture data from above, drones are being successfully integrated into many sectors such as construction, land management, estate management as well as private and commercial property inspections.

Drones can provide an alternative solution when inspections cannot be safely performed using rope access, scaffolding, MEWPs or other difficult access techniques.  Data can be collected safely and accurately and keep employees or contractors away from dangerous areas. 

Thanks to drone technology, a vast amount of data can be collected in a single flight helping to identify physical, electrical or water damage to areas which can assist in pinpointing areas for repair within hours rather than the time-consuming manual way.

I carry out work for property owners, chartered surveyors, consultants, local councils, construction companies and estate agents.  If you would like to discuss how I may be able to help please don't hesitate to contact me.