Energy & Heat Loss Surveys 

There are many reasons why energy is lost. Poorly insulted homes, lights left one, heating left on, broken windows or frames and much more.  Thermal imaging cameras combined with drone technology is an ideal solution for detecting heat loss on residential, industrial or commercial properties as well as due diligence surveys, dilapidation surveys or schedule of conditions.

By using the latest technology built with thermal imaging software, the drone is flown around and across the property to get as many shots from every angle possible. This survey method offers many benefits in terms of finding air leaks, locating areas of heat loss, detecting areas where there is missing or damaged insulation while also identifying variations in the building against design specifications.

Thermal surveys are perfect for a range of applications such as:

  • Heat loss

  • Identification of mechanical failures (such as power lines)

  • Leak detection

  • Insulation assessments

  • Solar panel inspections

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